Wednesday, June 8, 2016

FTC Certified Nurses Assistant

CNA puts me ahead of other people who are applying for jobs and colleges who are not certified, and anyone interested in a medical career should join.” - Chelsea, class of 2017

The Certified Nurses Assistant (CNA) program is offered at Mt. Blue High Schools as a Foster Technology class. In two years high school students can become certified and start their careers in the medical field. In the first year students work on medical terminology and safety procedures to create a solid background in medical basics.

The second year of Mt. Blue’s CNA class is clinical: the CNA student travels to the local hospital to help and learn from Certified Nurses Assistants. CNA is an extremely helpful class because it prepares students for real life medical experience as well as certifies them to join the workforce.

Chelsea said that she joined CNA because she “wanted to become a nurse” and that this program offers “hands on experience.” Not only will Chelsea be able to work as a CNA after high school but she will also be better prepared for her future in medicine.

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