Thursday, November 6, 2014


Mt. Blue High School’s music program is one of the best in the state. Programs such as string orchestra, concert band, and chorus rehearse during school hours and are free of charge. These ensembles perform in three free public concerts each year. The teachers are welcoming to students of all levels and provide numerous opportunities outside of the classroom.

The orchestra program at Mt. Blue is generally made up of between 70 and 100 students, and it is directed by Steve Muise. The music the orchestra plays is challenging, but also rewarding and fun. Many students also participate in the after-school ensemble of the Franklin County Fiddlers, which is open to all students who take music at MBHS. Students from the orchestra program have been accepted into programs such as Mid-Maine Youth Orchestra, All-State Orchestra, and Maine Acoustic Festival.

The school’s concert band provides a musical opportunity for students who play instruments in the brass, woodwind, and percussion families. Taking place at the same time as orchestra rehearsals, the group is directed by Karen Beacham. The Concert Band provides a wide variety of music for large band ensembles and sometimes features soloists. It provides an exciting and educational challenge for students of all levels and also gives them the chance to audition for Jazz Band, which provides more performance opportunities in a wide range of venues. Students are also given the opportunity to audition for groups outside of the school such as the Kennebec Valley Music Festival and All State.

The mixed choir has between 70-90 students in altogether and is conducted by Adrian St. Pierre and accompanied by Patricia Hayden. There are a broad range of musical genres performed by the students to challenge all skill levels. In the spring, there are auditions for ensembles that meet after school such as Chamber Choir and Flipsides, an acapella group. In the fall, there are also auditions for Kennebec Valley Music Festival and All-State for treble choir or mixed choir.

Tech courses

The Mount Blue Campus is home to many different forms of education. The Foster Tech Center is one of these. There are twenty different classes offered in the Tech Center. With this many programs, there is a class for everyone. Whether you are someone who likes hands on learning, being in the field, or you're someone who likes being behind the scenes, there is a program for you. The wide array of options lets students choose a class that is related to their future field of work or something that interests them. Schools from all around the county come to the Foster Tech Center (Rangeley High school, Spruce Mountain High School, Mount Abram High School, and Mount Blue High School) for the great education and life experiences.

Speaking to students from the campus, it is apparent that the Foster Tech Center is the absolute best way of learning for some students who don’t do well in the classroom. That is why the Tech Center is so great: It gives students the education that they need, and it gives them the life experiences that will come in handy for their future endeavors.


One of the things about Mt. Blue Campus that stands out the most is the variety of courses that are offered. With more than 150 courses to choose from, students are offered a comprehensive approach to education, and there are classes available in many areas that students might be interested in. One class offered is Engineering and Design, where students can ponder about a problem in the world and then fabricate a tangible product that solves it. Students can try their hand at journalism, writing articles for the school’s newspaper. Another class that might appeal to a different demographic is Sports in Society, a class about the profound impact of sports throughout history. In addition to our engaging college preparatory curriculum, many higher level honors and AP courses are offered for more advanced students. No matter what his or her learning level, there is a class for every student at Mount Blue.

These classes encompass learning that isn’t limited to being within the walls of a classroom. The Foster Technology Center at MBC provides a wide variety of courses where students can experience a certain profession in depth through hands-on learning. Just a few of these courses include firefighting, biotechnology, and CNA training. Students can receive crucial certifications for the advancement of their careers. They can become certified as a bank teller, truck driver or certified nurse’s assistant.

Mt. Blue also has many academically-oriented clubs that promote student growth. One such example is the robotics team, which recently received a grant from NASA for components. Students can join the Math Team and compete with others across the state. Students can also join Curtain Raisers, an improv comedy group that aids students with communication skills. Students have the ability to choose from many different clubs, depending on their interests.

At Mt Blue High School, students have the freedom to study what they are interested in and the ability to challenge themselves with many different levels of courses. Mount Blue students truly have the world of academics at their fingertips.