Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Math Team

 The Mt. Blue Math Team, named the Radicals, has just finished their first season of competitions as they established the group in the winter of 2016. Chelsea Arnold, a math teacher at Mt. Blue High School, is the overseer and founder of the team. Ms. Arnold was surprised Mt. Blue didn’t have a math team when she first started teaching at the high school, and when she finally had the time after completing her masters program at UMF, she decided to start one up. The team meets three times a week after school to prepare for the various math topics that students are tested on at each competition. One member of the team, Ethan Winters, became the second-place freshman in the entire state. Practices are relaxed where students say they have plenty of fun and snacks. The members feel no pressure to be prodigies in every single math subject because it is all patiently taught and learned at practices. The team is open to all high school students without any prerequisite math courses. They welcome and encourage any who are interested in refining their math skills to come to practices and join the group.

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