Wednesday, June 8, 2016

FTC Automotives

The Mt. Blue Foster Tech program is an exceptional opportunity for students from Mt. Blue and the surrounding schools to learn in a hands on environment. Many of these students bring their passion to the classroom, working on very intriguing projects. Chase, a senior and a member of the metal fabrication vocational program, is very passionate about what he does on his 1955 Willy’s Jeep.
Like any Mainer worth his salt, Chase got a bargain on his project vehicle. He bartered with a friend of his dad, cutting five cord of wood for the Jeep. From there he began to address the issues. He Started by freeing the motor and cleaning sixty years of grime off of it. Soon after, Chase brought the jeep in to repair the decrepit floorboards of the body layered with various paint tones.

Every day in the shop, Chase uses his knowledge to work on his Jeep, he picks it apart little by little, if he becomes confused or stuck he just asks his teacher and then returns to his learning through experience. He said, “ I’m glad to accomplish something that relates to my life.”
That passion is what drives many of the tech students to usually succeed and often exceed expectations here at Mt. Blue. The students like to get school credit at the same time as they make progress on their own personal project. Students bring in their own vehicles in automotives class, build carbon fiber hoods in composites class, and create their own clothes in graphic arts.

Chase is very enthusiastic about getting his Jeep in working order. He hopes to be on the road soon and thanks to his work in metal fabrications class he just might be able to.

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