Thursday, November 6, 2014

Tech courses

The Mount Blue Campus is home to many different forms of education. The Foster Tech Center is one of these. There are twenty different classes offered in the Tech Center. With this many programs, there is a class for everyone. Whether you are someone who likes hands on learning, being in the field, or you're someone who likes being behind the scenes, there is a program for you. The wide array of options lets students choose a class that is related to their future field of work or something that interests them. Schools from all around the county come to the Foster Tech Center (Rangeley High school, Spruce Mountain High School, Mount Abram High School, and Mount Blue High School) for the great education and life experiences.

Speaking to students from the campus, it is apparent that the Foster Tech Center is the absolute best way of learning for some students who don’t do well in the classroom. That is why the Tech Center is so great: It gives students the education that they need, and it gives them the life experiences that will come in handy for their future endeavors.

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